The Daily Babble
2001-06-13 03:40:12 (UTC)

A decent day...

So today was actually a pretty good was pretty
funny cuz apparently I was in such a deep sleep this
morning, that when my sister came to wake me up, I like
yelled! Which caused her to scream! =-)

Work was pretty cool, I got there early and had to open up
the phone lines and stuff. Nimra wanted me to work on some
stuff on the computer so we went to her office so she could
teach me....Then Muhammed called to say he was running late
and ask if anyone wanted breakfast so I asked for a coffee
since I was fasting...So as we waited, Nimra taught me some
new things and then told Muhammed that I needed a computer
and to be set up on the system....So we all sat around for
a while eating and drinking and was really
cool. We were all able to chat. Muhammed kept making fun
of me and Nimra cuz of our issues with our parents. {Cuz I
told them all about Jeff...Nimra's still going crazy since
she hasn't met him}...

So then Muhammed decided to set me up with a
desk/computer....That turned into a huge project...cuz
first he had to get the computer..then find a place to put
it which meant cleaning up. Then I see a Victora's Secret
catalog on Muhammed's desk so I started teasing him about
that and then I looked through it while he cleaned up [he
just loved that! hehe]...but by the time he even got half
of my stuff set was time for Magda to leave and
patients to come in, so I had to go downstairs anywayz!

Working with patients totally frazzled me today, just when
I thought it was quiet, things got crazy...I did get to
send Jeff an email though....I left at 4:30 since I hadn't
eaten and I felt over worked! =-) I went to pick up my
contacts from my doctor and went home.

Even being home wasn't too bad today...I talked to my
parents and what not and then me and my sister went to my
aunt's house to get the third basket and I decorated it
after dinner...Vikas also stopped by which was cool. He
brought my sister a UPenn T-shirt so she was all excited
and we talked for a few hours before he left.

And now you can assume what I'm doing... =-)

Tomorrow should be really good, I can't wait...we're gonna
go out to lunch and find a nice park or something..maybe
read from our journals [or my journal]...blah blah..and I
guess spend the evening with his family..but it should be
really good. ..I'll let you all know! =-)