crackheads thoughts
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2002-05-29 15:32:07 (UTC)

why did i do this AGAIN!!

well i have a livejournal now!! and i dont know if me and
brandon are going out now or not because he sent me an
email that said his grandpa and wanted him to come up there
and help him with the house and that he could be gone 4 a
month!!!!he said the he took it 2 fast....why do i keep
gettin hurt for his mess up!!! i really did love
him......and i STILL DO!!! but he just dont get it!! he
does this to me everytime. now ashley brown knows and she
will tell josh and josh will go off at me!! but anyway.. i
still do love him and always will but i dont see why he had
to.......bla!!!!bla!! well i dont think he is coming back
or thats what he said in that letter!! if i find out that
he has a g/f here pretty soon .....IM GONNA GO OFF!!!!! but
anyway im heart brokin now...again....over the same
guy....for the past YEAR!! bu-bye all.....i can only post
my real feelins on here!!