ahoy hoy
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2002-05-29 09:57:19 (UTC)

3:00 am

i cannot sleep i tried some warm milk (yuck) i have tried
everything, but woe and behold, i am still awake. so am
writing in this thing and downloading songs, reading abook
and listening to music all at teh same time might i add
that the tv is on to, bad me, bad me. must go to sleep. lol

am not going to want to wake uplater on today when i
should be awake, well that is if i even go to sleep. ahhh
this bites.

cuz am just a dirtbag, great, nice whatever ok am rambling
any minute am going to start raging and raving so i should
stop typing, yes i should, and sumit this piece of shit and
try to sleep although i know am not going to fuking go to
sleep ahhhhh which totally sucks ass. shit shit shit shit,
hey this is kind of fun shit shit shit shit, lol kidding
tata *_*