My so called life...
2002-05-29 07:10:48 (UTC)

Another Beginning

I decided to start writting in this thing again. Its not
like I wrote all that much before. (One whole entry)

Today was pretty interesting. I was draggin' ass at work
again. Damn after these 3 day weekends, its so hard to drag
yourself to work. Atleast I didn't have to deal with SG
again. She needs to learn how to manage. Why do they hire
managers that don't know how to deal with people? You should
lead by example and through motivation, not through fear.
Anyways enough of that subject.

I watched Casablanca for the first time. Not bad at all.
Bogie was a guy I think I would have gotten a long with.
He's honest. Doesn't BS or kiss ass. If you asked him if he
liked you, he'd tell you strait out. I guess I'm just tired
of everyones bullsh*t. Well anyways, in that accent that
only Bogie can do "I think this is the beginning of a
beautiful friendship."

Listening to: Tom Waits - Waltzing Matilda
(Just had to say, this is a great song, kind of depressing
but still a great song. Soundtrack material, in a good way.)

Reading: Not a damn thing. Should try to finish Great
Expectations though.

"My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name
Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing
longer or more explicit than Pip. So I called myself Pip,
and came to be called Pip." Charles Dickens - Great

Mood: Very Tired