Lenore the fool

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2002-05-29 06:09:46 (UTC)

It's amazing

It truly is amazing how someone can hate themselves so much.
I just hate who i am and how i look. I just want...to be the
best. I guess that isn't a little want but i want to. I
just want to hurt myself all over agian. Completely
disfigure myself so i don't forget how ugly i am. I can lose
weight. I can build muscle but that won't help my face. I
just...HATE myself sometimes well that's a lie. I hate
myself most of the time. I only don't when my mind is warped
and distorted or i'm not thinking about it. God why was i
chosen not to be pretty. Why am I not every guy's type. Why
can't I get the guys I want why is everything out of reach
for me. Just lucky I guess.


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