J's Online Life
2001-06-13 02:21:59 (UTC)

What a cool thing

Okay well I stayed home all day because everybody was
busy. I spent the entire day playing video games, using
the net, making homepages, watching tv...and that's about
it. i didnt see jenny on today so i was totally bored. so
i had to do the usual stuff that i always do. i edited my
nsync homepage, i made a homepage about me and i edited my
houston page. it was cool typing and setting it all up but
it was the simplest homepage that i can make. my uncle
gave me an electronic organizer by surprise. i really
wanna thank him but he can't come over for a while. he has
problems, my mpm said. so what i will do now is send him
an electronic father's day card. that's the least thing i
can do. it was funny while my mom was giving it to me coz
she was telling me not to tell my sister coz obviously
she's gonna get jealous. you know how little sister are! my mom told me that i have to tell her that its
mom's and i'm just borrowing it from her for a while. bro's wedding is done and they're about to come
here and join us! yay im soooo excited i can't wait 'till
they get here. well im outie for now, b-bai!

.:if anybody wants to see my homepages,
just email me here: [email protected]
and i'll give you the link, k well NOW im