The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-05-29 05:11:05 (UTC)


still no glasses... :(

i really need them too, darn. well, i'll show u guys as
soon as i get them.

anyways... today was boring as all of u may know if u spent
it at newhart.

i hate betty (ask me who that is if you don't know. i don't
want that freak findin out and tryin to kill me...)!!!! not
only does she eat paper, enjoys her private areas as
entertainment, or eats her picked boogers, she totally is
tryin to annoy me (and angelica!)... i want to change seats
in orchestra now!!! today she kept tryin to attempt to hit
me with her bow. it was so annoyin! i wanted to yell "fuck
off!!!" err... then she started doing weird swirly
movements on the ground near my stuuf! and was like hitting
my seat... (same thing happened to angelica...) ...i
know... it's sad..........

please tell me i'm not the only one that hayes her. send me
feedbacks, so i can make an i hate betty page.... errrrr

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