2002-05-29 04:18:52 (UTC)

Another job interview

I have another job interview coming up seeing as though the
lady decided to call me at eight thirty this morning to
tell me that she wasn't hiring me... um... yeah. if you're
gonna give me bad news could you not also wake me up to do
it? I mean, is that the first thing you do when you get to
work? Call all your applicants who CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE JOBS
and are DONE SCHOOL at eight in the morning. YUCK.
I still haven't talked to Dan since he brought the tv back
to me at work. I was sooo super angry at him on Friday
after his friend told me that he had told her three weeks
before that he was going to break up with me (this was
before i even STARTED asking him what was wrong and he said
nothing was wrong and that he liked me not to worry blah
blah blah) and he also figured that he could do drugs at
her house before i got there cuz i'm too stupid to notice.
Well i was too stupid to notice cuz i thought he was just
drunk. And it could also be because he had shamed me into
feeling guilty for thinking that he might be doing drugs so
i felt bad and trusted him. What a fucking prick. So in a
way, yeah i would kind of like to talk to him cuz i'm so
angry at him for being such a jerk to me. I mean people
don't all of a sudden *deserve* to be treated bad just cuz
you're not interested in them anymore. what they DO deserve
is for you to be honest with them and not to be made to cry
three times a week for three weeks because they're so
worried. And he KNEW too that it was really bothering me
and was making me cry. So I don't think I will ever get
around to yelling at him cuz I know he just doesn't care.
Which is kind of hard for me in itself to think that he
could go out with me for like, 3 months and really not give
a shit whether i was alive and breathing or not or whether
or not I was upset or if he was treating me good etc etc
etc. I guess that's the thing with guys, they only care
about themselves. Now i'm sure ther's probably some guys
out there who aren't like that but i've dated 3 guys and
they've all been this way. And I don't just date bad guys
cuz they all treat me nicely at the begining. They just
turn into pricks later on... I don't see the point of going
out of your way to trick a girl into thinking you're
something you know that you're not so that she'll go out
with you. I mean, eventually I find out what they're really
like but I guess that is when they're beyond the point of
giving a rat's ass about me so they don't care what I think
of them anymore. On the bright side of things, his friends
(for the most part) are quite nice and some of them are
even good looking. Since he was such an asshole to me I
really don't feel any obligation to respect him and not
date his friends, but at the same time I don't think I ever
would date his friends cuz they're all 18 and I think for
some reason that a 19 year old girl and an 18 year old guy
is just a match from hell thanks to this last relationship.
They're still fun to look at though.

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