The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-06-13 01:58:36 (UTC)


Even though Ive only heard the edited version wow. Blinks
new album absoultey amazing. Well once again im gonna rant
about how i miss trika.

I miss her so much and I cant wait till she comes to
visit. Will be absoultley amazing. Get to be with girls
of my dreams. Who could ask for anything else. Well
besides a bass but that comes second.

And now for the part where i try to be funny and miserably
fail. I wrote in someones yearbook today all those great
memories weve had this year that i cant remember. Yeah how
lame is that. So i went outside and played frisbee.

Lunch was so cool, Brad and Steve were playing with action
figures. So hilarious. Cobra commander and Cobra
Commanders bitch. And Cobra Commanders bitch was a man and
cobra commander was a women and was the bitches son and the
bitch was his aunt and it was great.

Well i dont know what else to write.

I love trika shes the best and i cant believe im so lucky
to have someone as great as her.

Laterz people.