Days Of My Life
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2002-05-29 03:49:16 (UTC)

Tuesday May 28th, 2002

Today i went to skool, it was mad fun!! probably cause it
was a day 2. :) i love day 2's. anyways i had to ride the
cheese box today :( but i did meet someone new! her name is
Ashley and she lives down the street from me. Then when i
got home i went to bed for a lil bit seeing since i got no
sleep the ntie b4. i got 2 hrs of sleep and i dont kno why!
i just couldnt sleep. but after that tom called n woke me
up and forced me to ask my mom to take me to his house!!
hehehehehe!! :-D so i went there for a few hours! we
chilled and listened to music, the usual! :-D then about
9:30 i got picked up and my mom, brother and me started
talking about my cuz! hahah it was hilarious! anyways!!!!
then we went home and showed my mom a funny Neega video!
she was laughing hard!! so was i when i first saw it!! and
after that i went to work till about 11:10.. then i called
tom and talked to him till its time to go to bed!! well

I Love Tommy!!

Tommy- I Love you baby!! :-* Im ur wifey now!!! take care of
me!! :) (1)

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