2001-06-13 01:15:01 (UTC)


~*Well my mom is bein a fuckin bitch.i cant do ne thing
right.She jus yelled at me bc i left my plate on the
cabinet but earlier today she said shes gettin tired of ppl
usin dishes and then jus gettin out clean i told
her that i knew i was gonna eat later so i saved it like
she wanted me to...i wasnt arguein or nething but she went
off on me.Everyones ssatrtin to piss me off...u know what
that means!im going into another depression of mine.yuk.i
hate those cuz they suc ass.Oh and my mom keeps yellin at
me to stay outa things when shes talkin to me!fuck her..u
know what fuck everyone i dont give a shit ne more.I wish i
could jus die.I wish for that every night...theres no one
that i really want to stay behind for, no one cares ne wayz
so y should stay here.Me and my twin les acidentally got
into somewhere where we can change r moms password and hack
into her name but we needed some info first and now we dont
know how to do it.isnt that just peachy.AHHHHHHH i could
fuckin kill myself but i dont want to do that bc that would
make my mom happy as a bitch.Im confused on what i wannt ne
more.I want to move in with my uncle but i know the court
wont alow it.Im bout to email my lawyer and see if thats
possible.they would be like its jus teen rivalry and then
they'll send me to fuckin family counciling and that jus
makes things worse.Cant i jus get run over already or
somethin...i almost get run over every day on acident, the
cars jus pop outa nowhere.Maybe im suppose to get hit but i
always get away.Next time ill jus take my time and let it
hit me...there always buses or somethin big so i know i
wont make it.I hope i dont make it cuz that would suck to
jus break something.NO but i wanna have a family of my own
i just hope i dont turn out like my mom.Im still me!Im
still me!well today i slept all day cuz my mom took away my
internet till 6 to 9:30 and i can only get on for an hour.U
sayin.Man im gonna be depressed for summer which really
sux.Im not stayin at home at all during the summer but i
know my moms gonna make me.GOD!!!o well.pisses me off.