Reality Bites
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2002-05-29 02:37:32 (UTC)

Makin brownies

I made brownies for Luke cause I finished my homework and
he has a big baseball game tomarrow. They're in the oven
and I figured, gee I have 28 minutes to wait and I can't
talk on the phone according to my mom who's in a satanic
mood, so I might as well write in here.

I talked to Luke tonite, actually the reason my other entry
ended so abruptly was because he Imed me and told me that
he wanted to call me so I got offline. He was great as
usual. It really scares me though people. I feel so great
right now, but what happens if for some reason things take
a sudden turn for the worst? What if he doesn't want what I
want...blah blah's what is in almost every diary
on here, the fear of what could be. He is so great, and
more importantly he makes me feel great. I really like him
and I'm so scared. He said something so wierd the other
night, he's all 'Angie, why don't you have any self-
confidence?' And of course I didn't answer him, in fact I
didn't know what to say, I just said 'moving on!'. I mean
he said it so genuinely, like he was going to give me
reasons why I should if I told him why in fact my self-
confidence was in the negitive numbers. I just wanna hang
out with him all the time and make him happy, but I don't
know exactly how to do that. I really wish I knew what to
do...I can only say this so much to my friends and the
truth is the only one I've said anything to is Mia. This is
because everyone is friends with Luke and me and if I told
them this--or even bounced any ideas off them, they'd tell
him, not out of meaness but out of eagerness for us to get
together. I want that, but I want it done in a way thats
comfortable for both of us, not in a 'he likes you/she
likes you' 5th grade way. Ohh gosh..He's meeting my mom I
guess tomarrow and I'm meeting his parents & sister at some
school thing...That'll be fun (ha) and interesting. I'll
let you know.....~Me~

Oh and any feedback is welcome (which is something I never
say, but trust me this is different)