Big whoaday
2001-06-13 01:14:56 (UTC)

2 Days!!!

Dear Journal,
Alot has happened in the past two days!!! Let's see, Monday
06-11-01, I started Behind the Wheel, and today was my
Second day. in the past two days, i have caught up on alot
of sleep, and on an unfortunate note, i have not Talked to
Andrea in Two days!!! See, she hasn't called me, so i see
no reason to call her. I mean, i love the girl to death, at
least at times i do, and so i want to respect her wishes.
and apparently as much as she likes me, she can only be
friends, and i am not doing a very good job!! Well, it is
like Impossible to just be friends with her,IMPOSSIBLE! I
have such a hard time , i mean evertime i am around her and
i try to give her space she is like, "what do i have
cooties, sit closer" and i am only like a fot away!!1 So
obvious she likes me, so what is wrong? Once again answer
to that unknown, but on a happier note, tommorow, June
13th,2001 we have wed. night church!!! WOOHOO!!! So with
that, i will take my leave,talk to you later, Peace!!

Brian Norris
June 12th,2001