the life of me
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2002-05-29 02:36:38 (UTC)

may 28, 2002

russ says that he wants to "make it a point to talk to me
at least once everyday." so far he's kept to that deal. he
came with me today to the extra credit bio lab... live frog
disection... yummy. NOT! it was pretty gross... but boy did
he have fun w/ it. lol. mr. "i wanna be a doctor when i
grow up." it was pretty odd the way he was having such a
great time. lol. he told me again that he's "really gonna
miss me this summer." he's got my yearbook now in fact. he
better make the entry good. and if it makes me cry... oh
mayn. lol. liss has got to me w/ that "oh mayn" thing.
hehehe. she's insane. i'm so happy now though, ya know? i
feel like i'm finally where i belong. liss and smurf are SO
MUCH FUN! i love them so much. and the accept me for ME!
they love me regardless. and they CARE about my guy
troubles. i'm sorry, but that's a new development for me. i
wish i could take them up to psr w/ me this summer. but
i'll keep in touch. awww... i'm so happy that i've finally
found those friends i've asked god for for so long now.
it's so AWESOME!
russy kissed deanne on the cheek on saterday night. and
guess who he told ALL ABOUT IT! grr... yea, that's right...
me!! fun eh?! NOT REALLY. i was kinna upset at first. but
liss made a good point: "well, you were worried that he
wouldn't tell you things anymore. wouldn't you be upset if
he hadn't told you?" i guess she's right. i would've been
upset. REALLY upset. but it's just that i wish he didn't
have cause to tell me these things. i guess i wish he
wouldn't DO them. he's all "yea, i did it like 20 times
after the first time." i was so freaked that i'd see them
doing it today. but luckily russ is WAY modest about that
kinna stuff. so i was spared! :) butcha know what i really
wish? i wish that i was close to deanne. i really wish i
could get up the guts to talk to her and get her to talk to
me. if they're still dating next year i'll take her to
lunch or something. we'll get closer then. when i finally
get over myself and get over him. *sigh* who knows when
that'll be. hehehe.
i felt pretty good today when mr. wemmer recognized my name
from the mirror. "i really liked your article" he said. and
that's awesome coming from him. he was an english major in
college and now he's getting his PHD in communications.
awesome to be told that from him eh?! yea, i thought so.
he's a great teacher. i'm really glad he's here till the
end of the semester.
weird huh? today was a normal day. no HUGE stuff to write
about like normal. i think i'm getting over russ. today he
put his arm around me and i didn't freeze. cool eh? yea, i
thought so. it felt good today. we were actually acting
like best friends again. i sat right in front when he did
his report... and he was all whining cuz he said i'd make
him laugh. i was like... hehehe, no i won't. but i was
laughing the whole time. *sigh* i really like him
journal... i wish he'd seen it before. or now... WHENEVER!
actually, i wish he'd seen it when he "liked me" in
february. i still remember how happy i was. i told kimmy
everyday that i felt like i was walking on air. and when HE
came up to ME... i've never had my heart beat faster. :
guess those feelings have to go for now though. i'll write
later. love ya much. ttfn (ta ta for now) bye.

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