my life (as told by me)
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2002-05-29 02:31:52 (UTC)

i'm just a fuck up

well it's been a while since i've's um the
28th of may. and everything in my life just plain old
sucks. well except ryan. he's the best thing that's come
into my life in a while. and i am happy. all the time i
spend with him, i can actually forget about my's like i'm in another world when i'm with
him. he makes everything seem perfect and i love him for
it. for once i am happy, yet everything else still blows
and i can not be happy. for one thing, all this shit that's
going on with britt is driving me, and most likely her,
insane. all of the outsiders that are involved because of
something that was heard...they only know her side, not
mine. so i dont need shit going around about me, when no
one has heard about my side. i would appreciate someone to
actually hear my side before calling me a slut or a a wench
or some other shit like that. and another thing, i fucked
up with mike....horribly. i dated him for about a week and
then broke up with him so i could spare his feelings
because i like his best friend. and it turns out, ryan (his
best friend) likes me too. soooooooooo, he asked me out,
and i said yes...but mike got mad...and i know i fucked up
there and i regret it majorly. i wish he would forgive me,
but i do not think that is possible at this point. one
other good thing that happened is that i'm talking to kim
again. i missed her so much, just spending time with her,
and everything. she is a great individual, and i am glad we
are talking. my dad gave me some great advice....."A true
friend is there for you no matter what. They love you for
who you are and nothing more. No matter what you say, no
matter what you do, no matter how many times you fuck up,
they are still there for you no matter what." i admire my
dad so much, and everything he says to me i take to heart,
whether he realizes it or not. i want to thank him for
always being there for me even when i am miserable. that
advice...i leave you all with......