All About Me
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2002-05-29 02:24:42 (UTC)

my life

ok so i know i havent wrote in a long time. i have been
really bizy lately. so i was supposed to go to skateland
this last weekend with my friend to watch those teen bands
but like always that never happened. i am starting to get
mad now cuz i havent seen him in like two weeks and i miss
him. i know that i dont even know him but i still think he
is REALLY REALLY cute. i dont think i could stress that
enough. anyway ladies you know what i mean. lol. so i might
go this weekend even tho the bands arent there anymore.
that sux but that doesnt affect me anyway. i never went to
actually listen to them anyway. but now i have to make up
another excuse to be there so damn much. o well. so like i
will keep talking about him in my next jounal cuz i got to

later dayz,

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