the life of kate
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2002-05-29 02:13:02 (UTC)

how we change..........

I went down to the local park tonight to watch my mothers
softball game. One of her team mates daughters were there
and I hung out with her. I was basically just keeping her
company she's in 4th grade. But she wanted to go play on
the play ground so I went over with her and she had my
crawling in and out of these pathways. I figured I was
going to get stuck. BUt I never did thank god. But when I
was with her I started to think. Man why cant I be that
young again and not know what is going on in the world and
not really care. Its like they live in there own little
happy world. What I would do to get that all back! I would
love to have that all come back and not worry about a damn
thing that is going on in the big world!

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