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2002-05-29 00:49:37 (UTC)

No One To Take My Place

You have once agian asked me,
Why the frown?
I've grown to know that you always do,
If you dig deep down,
I am sure the answer you will find,
I can't even look at you, and give a fake smile,
The one you know oh so well,
Because in your eyes I fall,
Your arms are the comfort that catches me,
Your words are my strength,
But I can no longer stand my ground,
The weakness consumes me, and your comfort i have not found,
Your kisses take me away,
To my own peice of paradise, and that is where I long to
There is no turning back,
Deep upon the depths I descend,
All I want is your hand in mine,
Together we can run away from this cruel world we have come
to love,
Some place where dreams come true,
No one to take your love away,
No one to steal away my shelter,
No one to turn my sunny skies gray,
No one to push me out,
No one to take my place,
I miss you Baby!

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