Mysterious Attitude
2002-05-29 00:34:14 (UTC)

May 27- 28, 2002

*Time: 7:23 p.m.
*Wearing: black and red studded jeans and my shirt that
says " I do what the voices in my head tell me to"
*Jewelry/Accessories: tha usual and this old gold earring
*Hair: down but held back by a band
*Listenin to : tha radio
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Last Ate: cereal
*Last Drank: milk
*Song of the day : Someone to love you- Ruff Endz
*Weather: warm and sunny
*Talking to : no one I'm under my Forbidden sn
*Mood: magenta
*Thinking: Hehe I like that cough medicine I took
*Later: homework, sleep, talk to George

~*~*MAY 27~*~*

All I did all day was sleep, be sick, and talk on the
phone with George. That's about all. I didn't even take a
shower all day lol. When I went to bed Jr gave me sum cough
medicine and I tell you... I made me feel high! I felt like
I was as light as a feather and I felt so damn good. I
seriously luv that stuff! I had sum weird dreams from it
tho. lol

~*~*MAY 28~*~*

I woke up this today at 6 a.m. took my shower and shaved.
I went back to bed until 7:30 a.m. and when I woke up I
didn't feel good, so gram told me to go back to bed that I
could miss school. I took another dose of the cough
medicine. It made me mellow out and I went right back to
sleep, with that light feather feeling. At 3 p.m. they woke
me up and told me that my mom was home and she wanted me.
Jr told me there was sum boy with her. I was like... Ummm
I'm going back to bed okay? lol They were like no ... eh So
I went over there; and guess who I seen sitting on the
bed.... MIKE!! Omg I was soo pissed at my mom. I looked
like hell and I was wearing my wife beater and sum green
and white striped shorts. I looked at him ... waved and
said hi. I told my mom I would be right back. I went to
grams house and freaked out. lol I called my mom on the
phone and told her to bring me a different shirt cuz tha
one I had on was see thru. She brought one to me and I went
back to my house. Mike was going to hook up my cd burner
but he didn't know how to. Eh ... he got kicked out of his
house cuz he didn't pay his rent. So, I went with my mom to
take him to his mother's house. I don't like his brother or
mother, I don't even know if they are his real family but
whatever. Man, Mike looked sooo hott!!! I feel so bad for
him, but there is nothing I can do for him. What's odd, I
was telling George the other day that I hadn't seen Mike
for a grip and that I missed him, and today he would be at
my house when I'm sick and shit. But oh well, it's all over
now lol.


Well, I think that is about all. I dunno what else to
write. Unless I think of sumthing if I do I will write it
in here later. bye bye 4 now


Last night I got online for a long time. I was fucking
with people under my AIM name. Out of no where this boy
Imed me; He's 20, his name is Paul, and he used to go to
Central. I was talking to him for a little bit but not
really interested in him. He saw my pic on my profile and
was like "damn your a cutie." Hehe as soon as he said that,
I got a little bit more interested into him. He later said
if he knew me better and I was older he would ask me out.
Hehe go Hele! I dunno anything about him yet, but I'm going
to get to know him. Who knowz anything could happen :)

I told Ryan about him and he got a little jealous. But
shit ohh well! I don't care. lol =-Þ