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my F***ed up head
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2002-05-29 00:21:40 (UTC)

soooo i went to the..

soooo i went to the gynecologist today and my mom now
knows that i have had sex before and that BLOWS! they put
me on birth control and not for having sex but becuz i was
getting my period to often and birth control like regulates
periods so yeah... the contraceptive part is just a bonus
but yeah my mom isnt happy about that but to bad. i really
dont fucking care and yeah jason and i got into a fight on
monday and friday night we did too but saturday we were
perfectly fine like u dont even understnad how fine we were
and i gave him head and for once it was fun and he said it
was the best he had ever gotten and he like wouldnt stop
talking he was like omg ur so talented i wish marty could
try this for like five minutes and just all this stuff and
it was so funny and he was like omg i want to fuck you so
bad right now and all this stuff becuz like i was REALLY
horny that night and i dont know why and i was on my period
so i couldnt do anything and we were just like fucking
around with eachother and making eachother soooo horny and
he goes yeah i definitely have never been this horny im
gonna have to go to the bathroomand do something abot this
and i woldnt let him leave and he jsut kept saying i gotta
go now..and i go well there is another option and he was
like yeah? and i was like i could give u a lil help and he
goes help is always good but u dont have to and i did and i
was like adn see... you were gonna do this alone and he was
like what the hell was i thinking... it was good times...
but the fighting was not good and i have ecided since this
is what i have been wanting since like forever ago i am
just not gonna fight, why am i gonna waste my time fighting
with him especially when fighting isnt gonna get him back
just push him farther away.... so yeah ok g2g adios oh and
i messed around with matt againa nd i am so stupid for that
bu htat is going to stop soon and dude jason called krstien
right in front of me... do i need to kick his ass?