*Jill's Thoughts*
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2002-05-29 00:09:04 (UTC)


God Jay if I could just tell you how much you mean to
me...you are like me LIFE! I think about you as much as
guys think about sex! You mean so much to me there is no
words to explain how much I feel for you.
Today...awesome...giving you a massage in the rain. I
almost ripped your shirt off right there. You are the best
friend a girl could have. I just wish we could be more. We
have been through so much I know we would work....we are
ment to be together and would be so good for eachother. You
are my everything. I hope someday I will get the chance to
be with you. I am so Jealous...i don't know how 2 deal with
these feelings. Karissa has everything I want in life. That
is you Jay. I've never really been jealous of anyone before
until now. She is the luckiest person in the world to me.
She doesn't know what she has. Well i know what she has and
Im not going to give up on you. I guess all i can do now is
*Pray* that i will get the chance to be with you. I love
you so much Jaybird.

I wish I could say that to him. I don't know how he would
take it and he would probably just feel bad cuz he doesn't
feel the same way. He knows I like him but Love....no. I
will tell him someday but not now. Anyways....this is like
the first I've written back in a long time. I will try to
keep up but don't count on it. lol. anyways...LYAL!


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