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2002-05-29 00:02:27 (UTC)

So sore

Went hiking with the fam yesterday. It was so hot, and ten
times longer than expected. Hmmm. Well, here I am! My
sister is gone, which is sad, but left half her crap in my
room. TJ is fine, it's odd having a brother type person
that old around. But cool. Went to class today and had the
hardest time staying awake. Plus, I was in the front row,
and there were only 7 people in class today. I feel so
badly. Oops. Oh well, what can ya do? Hey Mackenzie, your
questions are next! I haven't been able to get into my
hotmail account for the last day or so, and it's just been
complicated. But, I promise, next one is yours. Speaking of
you, where have you been? Hope all is okay!

I decided to do some through cleaning today. Going through
my magazines and tearing out the pages I want and then
throwing the rest away. Making sure all my clothes are
folded properly, etc. I am probably the least anal person
anyone will ever meet, but sometimes I get into moods.
Thank god it doesn't last long. Okay, I might be heading to
the mall. Oh joy.



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