enigmatic contemplation
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2001-06-12 23:37:11 (UTC)

its a secret

She is starting with me. She is starting that bullshit with
me. That bitch. I ought to beat her ass, but im blazed
right now so i cant. I am trying to keep away from her but
she wont let me see J. I hate her, ill go with him anyway.
She will leave and so will i. I hate her. She drives me
nutz. She tries to control every single thing i do in my
life. She tries to make me feel like im incompotent. Like i
can never get anything done on my own. She hates me. She
truly does, cuz if she didnt she wouldnt insist on making
my life hell. Everything i want, she attempts with all of
her might to make sure i dont get. She hates for me to be
happy. She wants me to suffer. She loves this therapy
bullshit because she knows it hurts, and its painful, and
it harder than anything i have ever had to do. She loves
that this shit is in my mind festering. And turning my
brain to mush. I hate that i cant shake any of this. She is
making my life hell. I hate her with all of my might. I
want out of here before i do something i will regret. I
hope they both die and rot in hell together. Her and her
little cuban fuck buddy. Filthy pig needs to stay the hell
out of my business.