¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-05-28 23:39:56 (UTC)


Today is another shitty day.. I missed the bus thanks to my
lack of sleep and I had to walk home in the freezing rain,
and the thunder and lighting wasnt helping any.. Silk Line
clinics are tomorrow.. I dont really wanna go, but mom
wants me to, so oh well... Graduation is Thursday, for both
Amanda and *Adam*.. I miss him so much. The littlest things
remind me of him and it takes me forever to get back to
what I was concentrating on in the 1st place... He said he
might try to come up the week off the 10th.. I hope so. I
cant even begin to type how much I like him... Jamea said
that Ive "got it bad".. lol I think I might move outta here
and move up to my Grandpa's old house. I could totally make
it by myself... But trust is a big thing and I guess I dont
have any from my family, so oh well.. Im not suppose to be
online, so I better go that way I can talk to everyone
later... Buh bye

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