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2002-05-28 23:39:07 (UTC)

more people

got a taste of more people again. 9.33am. a girl asked me
something a while ago.

HER: let's say you hang out with a big group of friends and
you sit together for dinner everyday. and then you
find out that your friends talk about you and say bad
things about you with their other friends. what will
you do? will you be angry?

ME: of course i'll be angry...

HER: will you still talk to them?

ME: i...i don't know. i suppose if they talk to me then
that's when i'll talk to them. why? who's doing this to

HER: *looks away and smiles*

bothering. i'm not particularly close to this girl.

'english people can be very unfriendly, we're quite bitter
that we have so many 'coloured' people living here and
taking our money homes and jobs...'

words from the mouth of an english teenager. i didn't know
english people disliked the other races that much. i wonder
if they believe in the superiority of the aryan race too. i
told her to come to melbourne. i seriously think there are
more foreigners here than australians.

i hope today is going to be a good day. gotta stop
thinking...even just for a moment.