2001-06-12 22:36:17 (UTC)

i am a loser

oh man! i started summer school on mon. my first day as an
official college student. i am such a dimwit. i am so shy
so i just walk around by myself like a lost girl. its
horrible. i feel like i am still in high school but except
in high school i was more accepted and i didn't feel like
such an outsider. its horrible i can't believe college is
the same as high school SUCKS! well i guess i am a loser
anyway i am freaking going to summer school so i can
advance and i am letting my summer go to waste! woo hooo
yay for me. yea right. i am super stuck too cuz i can't
pick between the two schools i can go to. o man headaches
everyday. !!!! i need mental help!