cosmic ski slopes
2001-06-12 22:10:26 (UTC)


I Skipped today... my mom's idea actually. I think things
with us are getting a little better. She still hates Sara
but for some reason now when she says stuff about her I
ignor it... It's weird.
I don't really hang out with sara much at school anymore,
mostly with Michelle. Oh well, I dont' care anymore.

I'm sitting, here, I just read the nicest email ever
(f/fuzz) and I just want to BAWL MY EYES OUT! Why can't I
just react like I normally do (to nick not calling...)?
Normally I wouldn't care, I'd be the cynical little bitch I
always am and I would dump him... normally. Lately isn't
normal thuogh and now I just wanna cry cuz he isn't calling
or writing and he's definitly not here with me and I'm
definitly not there with him so I just wanna crawl into a
corner with my phone and wait until he Does call or until I
AM with him or until he comes to find me in my corner...
Or maybe I'll just curl u pinto my corner and die before
anyone finds me...

I bought a new cd today... "Someone Like You- The
Soundtrack". It was our first date, mine and nicks. we went
to my favorite restaurant (the 99) and then we went to see
this movie. I've wanted he soundtrack ever since, it's
amazing, but I finally found it today and bought it. And
all of this wanting to cry is just being beaten into me by
all these songs about finding true love and never letting
it go.... Forever- whata crock.

"I been searching a long time, for someone exactly like
you...I been traveling all over my world, waiting for you
to come through. someone like you, you make it all worth
while, someone exactly like you..." -Van Morrison