Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-06-12 22:08:26 (UTC)


Jens called me today to make me feel better. It worked, I
do feel better...metaly. I plan to go home and write for

Meanwhile, I will let you read what I wrote him and a story
I wrote last spring for Cowboy.



You asked me what I do all day…

At work I do the registrations and grades for field
students. I also do the grade updates and help with
transcript requests, the front desk AND graduation. I
answer the phone and listen to people bitch all dayum day
and try to keep my sanity.

Marianne, AKA: The Bossy One, is a constant pain in my side
and I can’t stand working with her. She talks to herself
all day. If that doesn’t work she talks to me, telling me
how hard her job is and filling me in on the minor details
of her daily activities. She also makes these weird yawning
noises that literally scare me. lol

While I am doing all that I sit here and wonder if my
pending divorce is the right path. I feel lost and somewhat
lonely even though I have my freedom. I hate the fact that
my ex is so bitter and takes it out on the kids by not
bothering to talk to them.

I also wonder if my son will do well in the future school
years. He was born 8/31 which is the cut off date. He is
the youngest in his class. Another thing I worry about is
that he is ½ Mexican. We live in a city/culture where
Mexican people are laborers. I’ve explained to him that I
love(d) his father very much but I’m afraid he will hate me
for not being with him. We are often with my daughter, who
has blond hair/green eyes and it’s hard to deal with the
question ‘Why is your son so dark?’ and on top of
everything I am sometimes mistaken for his older sister.

Honestly, I feel like a whore sometimes because I have
children by different fathers. People don’t understand ‘the
whole story’ and I’m sick of being judged.
I’ve always felt like I made a better girl friend than a
wife. I am easily bored and hard to get close too for most
people. My mind goes in 100 different directions and I
rarely know what I want. I think that has something to do
with my need to be in a relationship like I’ve alluded to.
I need someone who can hold my attention and isn’t afraid
to go after what they want.

Right now, I’m thinking about what you threatened earlier.
It makes me nervous that you could possibly be in this
building…even if it is a few months from now. I’m afraid
you would get here and either ignore me OR you would meet
our beautiful front desk girl and forget all about me.

And then there was this…. You could say this is what I
think about a good part of the day…..

I was just thinking how evil it would be if we were getting
ready for bed and I was doing every little thing I could
think of to drive you crazy but it would be kind of
subliminal, a look here, a touch there, enough to get your
blood boiling, counting down the seconds until the door was
shut behind us. I would watch you, still with my back to
the door, undress and get ready to slip into the
shower...'real quick'. you could see my whole body relax
with a deep breath. You think to yourself how easy it
would be to, seemingly, fly across the room.... my hands
are still wrapped around the doorknob, behind me. As you
think of the other times you had me in that position you
bite your lip and rush into the waiting shower. Meanwhile,
I go to the box, which has grown, packed full of our toys
and take a few things out, putting them under my pillow....
turn down the covers, slip into an oversized T-shirt and
crotchless panties. I don’t want to be too revealing, in
my plan. You come out of the shower and I can tell you've
been thinking about me, its not easy for you to walk and I
know that it...would be.... One of those nights that all I
have to do is take you in my mouth a couple times, swirling
my tongue, using my teeth...just the right way and you
would shower me with your sweet cum. I’m sitting at the
foot of the bed and you walk over, expectantly, watching my
tongue dart across my parting lips, my hands land on your
thighs, running up towards 'that spot', fingertips linger
and you can feel each one at different pressures. Finally,
my hands wrap around your ass and I push and pull your
cheeks, kneading you.... needing you. I take just the tip
of your swollen cock into my mouth.... sucking, tongue, you
get chill bumps all over your body. I look up at you and
tell you that I want to ride you, that I neeeeed you deep
inside...slamming my back wall until I cum for you.... I
tell you that when I cum I want you to flip me over and
take me as you need me, hard, making me hold my orgasm
until you tell me to stop. You don’t notice the slight
difference in my voice when I say that because you are so
hot, so hard, you just want to fill me. I get you to lie,
stretched out on the bed...your head riiight by my pillow.
My hands urge your arms up, above your head.... teasingly
scratching at your chest, on the sensitive underside of
your arms. My mouth feels like it is all over your chest,
biting, licking, sucking.... I could eat you. My cunt is
twitching, so close to your cock, right above it, dripping
as your arms get halfway up, I stop you. Sitting on your
chest, rubbing my hot cunt all over you, I find my silk
ties and tie each hand to the corner of the bed. You don’t
look very happy...I smile and kiss your nose. you don’t
have a choice, when I go down to your feet and tie them,
spread just a little, to the foot of the bed. I lick and
suck my way up the hunny trail I made across your
body...all the way up to your chest reaching under my
pillow. I pull out a collar and as I slip it onto your neck
I whisper 'Mine', into your ear, a little louder than a
sexy, breathy whisper, demanding....'Cowboy!' I slip my
fingers under the top of the collar at the sides and pull
down slightly, rubbing my breasts against your chest. You
are so loud.... your noise is making me wetter. I press my
whole body against you, your cock against my slit. Its as
though I am fucking you but not letting you in...I feel you
tremble under me. You keep thinking that everything I am
doing has been burned into your mind by our past 'episodes'
only, those times, your needy cock was inside me and you
would give anything to have it there now. My hands come
off the collar and one slips under the pillow again. I
move down between your legs and lick my hunny from you,
careful not to touch that spot that makes you cum whenever
I touch it. Watching your eyes, I tell you to look away and
I see them dart upwards. I plunge my fingers into my slit,
making them nice and wet. Slowly, I move up beside you and
work my wet hand all over your cock and swollen balls. My
cunt knows how they feel. You are holding your breath and
then letting it out so deep, gasping, as my hands work
their magic on you. Without warning, there is ice dripping
onto your realize that I sat up. The ice drips
down your chest into the hair around your cock, driving you
crazy. You gasp 'Pony!' my hand switched positions and is
now tugging at your cock, you can feel the lace of my
panties on your legs as I straddle you. Once again, I lay
into you, my T-shirt absorbs the cold water that is
trickling down your chest.... the sensation of hot on cold
skin is almost unbearable. I rock back, my T-shirt rolls
up...I trap it under my arms and bring my nipples up to
your mouth to suck. I think you are shaking.... but your
so good at hiding those things. My hips grind against your
chest as your teeth bite into me my fingers trace your
collar, move up to your hair...back down to your ears. I
slip the remainder of the ice cube between us and move back
down your body, having to give you a Look, to release my
nipple. You didn’t notice but my hand had slipped under the
pillow one last time this time I brought out a cock ring.
My hand slides it on your amazingly hard feel
the width of it on your shaft and realize its not
a 'normal' ring, this one has...not so little bumps on it.
I know what you’re thinking, if you could only be would show me what you could do with this but I
keep you tied. I turn around and kneel with my knees on
either side of your hips; your cock appears to be coming
from me as I rub the bumps from your ring on my clit.
Leaning waayyy over, ass high in the air, I position my
cunt right over you.... slowly letting the head in. I undo
the knots at your feet and almost instantly I feel you
trying to thrust into me. I sit down on you and grind my
hips, hunny dripping down over your balls, all the way down
onto the bed. A couple good thrusts and I take you out,
turning around to give you that ride I promised you before
I brought the toys out from under my pillow. It feels so
good to have your cock slam into me. I hold still and let
you move how you want under me and then I bury you again.
I feel like we are joined, you couldn’t possibly get any
deeper. My ass grinds into you, side to side, back and
forth...touching those hot spots inside my cunt. I feel
myself starting to cum, you hear the first noises.... My
hands go to your collar and undo it. I place it in your
right hand as I untie both slipknots at the same time. I
feel the first sting of the collar on my ass and it drops
down even further, sucking your thick cock in, pressing the
wall hard. I am so wet, taking you out almost all the
way....another slap from the collar and I am sucking you
deep again, so tight.....the bumps from the ring hitting
all the right spots I cum, so hard, on top of you...and you
keep your promise, flipping me over.... Oh, Cowboy, I wish
you weren't out of town tonight.
(c) Fancy

Why don’t you take a minute away from basketball and tell
me about yourself…
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