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2002-05-28 21:40:56 (UTC)


Please read the one I wrote before I wrote this one first,
its called "Read this one first." I had four days
off this weekend but it seems like it was one. Time just
goes by so fast its like life is running and everybody else
is just walking, crawling maybe. Maybe I just had so much
going on with the wedding and my time with you. How do you
slow time? I need more to make sure I don't forget to live
it all up. Especially when it comes to you, I don't wanna
waste a single moment with you coz it goes by so fast. I
applied at Honda today. I don't know, it seems to me that
outsiders aren't as welcomed there as much. If they hire
someone, it will probably be from the inside. Oh well, at
least I got it in. Can't blame me for not trying. Still,
tell them for me what a great addition I would be. I put
your name on the application for employee referral, I hope
you don't mind. I got off at 2:30 today. Orders were done
by 12 but we got a lot of receiving in. I bet Bob wishes
you were there to help. BUT NOT JUST SIT IN HIS CHAIR!!
(hahaha) Of course I wish you were there too. I probably
wouldn't get any work done though. I'd just be admiring
the person you are. Oh man, I almost forgot. Rose came up
to me today and said that after I left the wedding, this
lady was asking about me and actually gave her, her number
to give to me. I saw her at the wedding. She was in about
her mid 50's. Uh, no thanks. Fran said that the lady was
really throwing down the booze. God help me, good thing I
left when I did. If you were there, I would've showed her
that I was with someone even if I wasn't. Oh well, guess
thats it. Take care. BYE!!!