2001-06-12 21:34:29 (UTC)

proficient poetry.

i'm guessing that what the advocate about 'nuturing talent'
is all bullshit. which organization gives you copyright of
your works yet makes you pay to buy the book in which it is
published? or indeed the CD on which it would be recorded?

i saw the banner while doing research for my english essay.
i thought, why the hell not right? i might win that prize.
so i scribbled something (took me about ten minutes,
afterall, i was in the middle of something) and submitted
it. seven weeks later i received a letter telling me of how
amazing my poem is and how they want to publish it and how
i can buy the book at a special price of $75 USD. blah blah

to add insult to injury, they send me another letter saying
how i'm 'one of 33 blah blah exceptional blah blah want to
immortalize blah blah on an audio CD blah blah blah' and
then ask me to fork out money to hear my poem read.

seriously? it's damn pissing off. i wrote that thing in ten
minutes. anyone who can be bothered can read it here:

it's not that great. and my second poem? a little box at
the bottom of the page tells me that it's been selected for
publication as well. why haven't i been told, if the
copyright really belongs to me. all i wanted was an online
archive where i could stick my poetry because my notebooks
are all over the place. not something which milks money
from hopeful, gullible poets.

we've all heard about the writer's ego. any form of
encouragement is taken very seriously. to compliment a
writer's work is to compliment his/her very soul. which is
why this site is so effective. it takes advantage of the
fact that it's so easy to flatter a writer. and that
flattery can get you anywhere.

hell, i was surprised and mildly pleased to be invited to
be 'an honourary member' of the ILP or something. then i
went to the site to find out a little more and i discovered
that anyone, anyone at all who registers can be
an 'honourary member' hell, my illiterate grandmother can
become an 'honourary member' once she pays the membership
fee. good god.

i think that's mildly better. it doesn't publish your works
online. if you've been selected, they invite you to an
annual conference. it is substantially cheaper than the
festival is trying to get you to go to and
the things you do are significantly more personal. that's
what writing is about. the person. and there are no empty
promises in the flyer they sent me. in the flyer i received
from, i was told that i 'might get picked out by
a talent scout' that i 'might win amazing prizes'. good
grief. i'm 16...and that's years, not months.

i like writing. it's the art of ancient philosophers. to
write isn't like to so anything else. writing is an
extension of yourself. i think debases it by
turning it into a money churning venture.

perhaps i'm only ranting because i think that my poetry
cannot possibly be good enough as i've only penned it in 10
minutes. perhaps there -have- been people who have been
told that they weren't going to get published. perhaps my
poetry isn't all that bad and perhaps even worthy of all
those accolades. i seriously doubt that.