my pathetic life
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2002-05-28 20:51:49 (UTC)

ten years and running

well the new mxpx cd came out last tuesday (ten years and
running). i have been a bitchass and olny gotten it today.
mxpx is my favorite band and i finally got my brother to
drive me to best buy so i could pick it up. i really
apreciated that but he seemed kinda pissed off after we got
out of the store, hmmm i dont no y. maybe its cuz i used
some of his money... but he also owes me $25. well i also
got the new thrice cd, which i am really happy about. i saw
the finch cd and i wanted it but didnt have enough money. i
just started getting into finch, i found out about them
from a friend. my brother actually likes them too. which is
cool cuz lately he has been a real bitch ass about my music.

yesterday me and my friend were out side blowing bubbles
and listenin to bob marley for 3 hours. it was fun. i went
to the aislinn website and signed their guestbook as
vanessa carlton, cuz they think i look like her. idunno,
whatever. oh and i signed the marigold guestbook by simply
saying i want matt's (their guitarist) body. well enough
about him i already wrote a hole entry about him.

"You are killing for the sake of your promotions in life."
-between the buried and me

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