Dirty Fractyl
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2002-05-28 19:29:47 (UTC)

Interesting survey-type thing

01] he hurts: from incessant thought
02] he loves: the idea of love
03] he hates: irrationality
04] he cries: before sleep
05] he fears: failure
06] he hopes: to die "complete"
07] he saddens: to see the world
08] he feels alone: in my thoughts
09] he kills: memories
10] he talks: when release or companionship is needed
11] he listens: to reason
12] he breaks: stereotypes
13] he sees: my version of color
14] he smells: before eating
15] he tastes: what was smelled
16] he works: towards unity of mind & body
17] he remembers: when the idea of a god seemed plausible
18] he holds: onto idealistic dreams of love
19] he hides: from society
20] he prays: never
21] he walks: around the block, smoking
22] he drives: when walking is too far
23] he reads: non-fiction only now
24] he burns: marijuana, till recently (jail)
25] he breathes: diatomic oxygen
26] he plays: basketball
27] he misses: childhood
28] he touches: the face of those I love
29] he learns: math & science
30] he feels: restlessness, desire
31] he knows: death is inevitable for all
32] he said: F*ck society. Society is a collection of
everyone except yourself.
33] he dreams: every night
34] he has: to make sense of the universe & my place in it
35] he wants: a single unifying factor to relate everything
36] he falls: and stays on the ground until ready to stand
37] he waits: for death
38] he needs: nurturing & compassion
39] he lives: for knowledge and love
40] he wishes: life was simple

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