2002-05-28 18:31:12 (UTC)


Hi ALl!!!

So Sorry I havne't wrote lately but it's hard with the
price it costs to come here! We have free time right now
though so that is cool! Rachel and I went to France on
Sunday and stayed overnight there! We were in Nice, hehe.
We had an awesome time besdies the ride back that kind of
sucked, damn trains. We went to the beach of smooth rocks
it's so funny. No sand just rocks to lay on. Our hotel was
so cute too! It was run by this cute little French couple
and they didn't speak any English. It even had the old
school elavator with the door to the shaft and everything.
IT was like right out of "Kate and Leopold"!!!
Today was our first day of class and my gosh is there a
lot of freaking information to take in. My head is about
to explode with all the stories aobut all the paintings and
building and stuff.
We've been eating mostly bread and fruit from the market.
We had plain spagetti noodles for dinner today! OH and the
ice cream is AWESOME best in the worldt hey say and they
might be right I just adore it. Then Rachel and I had our
seista and then we went to all the big shops and looked at
all the expensive stuff. I swear if you can't find shoes
in this city you are crazy!
The Italian guys are rather annoying in my opinion but we
deal. They are erally harmless just annoying, oh well.
We had some cute American guys walk us home from the train
station when we came home all late at night it was creepy.