lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-05-28 18:09:46 (UTC)

eight days...eight days

ok so i'm already taking today off the countdown.
basically, once i get through math class, the day is over.
ahh i am so so so excited for summer. but so so stressed
cuz i have been an idiot all semester and i flipping failed
my first math test way back in january and i'm still paying
for it now. grrrr. so i have to get at least a 91 on the
final to get a B in the class. idiot. but that's my only
low grade, and if i get all A's & B's, then my dad will pay
for my insurance when i get my license (in less than 2
months, might i add). otherwise, i might die.

ahh but another yay thing happened...while we were in
mexico, we had a little church service and the message was
about giving everything that's bugging you over to God.
and i know that's like the most common sermon ever, but it
was really helpful so i just prayed that God would help me
figure out where to work this summer since everything's
been falling through.

and then a few days ago, my dad said, "hey if you think you
could do it, would you work for me this summer? i need
someone to start the second week in june because all three
of the people we had lined up for the job decided they
can't." and i was like YAAAAAAAY! minimum wage & workin'
with the family. always a fun time :-)

haha but even then, i couldn't afford the insurance.
grrrraaarrrr. i really need to be a good kid & raise my

um what else? oh yeah. 8 days of school left. thought
i'd let you know. and then phil's graduation and then
brian's and then everything else fun from there. yaaaaaaay!