the life of kate
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2002-05-28 17:53:21 (UTC)


Well I am in school right now really bored. I really havent
been doing a hell of a lot just thinking about shit. BUt
what is new I do that all the time. Just thinking about all
the shit I have done in the past and how I would change it
around of I could. Somethings I would other things I
wouldnt. It just depends on what it is. Nothing really new
has been going on in my life. This past weekend I hung out
with friends and worked. I would have to say sunday and
monday were the best days. I actully did stuff. I went and
picked up Neater on Sunday after work and took her home on
Monday. Then when I got home I went with Shauna and drove
around. THere isnt much to do around her for fun so
anything that we can find I'll be willing to do it! WEll I
am outtie for now. I'll write more latter!

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