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2002-05-28 17:10:46 (UTC)

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Ok, I only wish it was such, but.. :) haha
So, for all of you wondering:
-I went to prom
-It was with a friend from church who I soon discovered I
will never want to date
- and yes, the rumors are true,HE FORGOT TO BUY MY TICKET.
-But it's ok because Matt said hi to ME first
-I got in a car wreck-100% not my fault, and will hopefully
getting some kinda sweet car out of the deal
-Later this month,I went to graduation and told Matt how I
feel. In a dopey way,natch, being me, but it's out.
-It might have been a bad idea; he was either
a.surprised or
-Still, he told me to email him 4 times (no exaggeration)
-So I did
-That was Friday, today is Monday and no word, which means:
a.I scared him off or
b.I'm overanalyzing
-Either way I've determined that I'm going to definitely be
proactive about my whole situation this summer.
-He doesn't leave for the army until the end of July so if
I spend time with him this summer (hopefully) I will either
a.move on or
b.bend him to my ways (hehe)

well, I guess that fills ya'll in..gotta bouce. much love,

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