Sporty Tomboy

2002-05-28 16:55:34 (UTC)


I was in lunch today, and found the picture christina drew
of me a long time ago in my history book, which is
obviously never opened... cuz i didnt find it again til
now... and logan drew these huge ass boobs on em and ugh.
sarah had to censor it off with her pen. lol. she is so
awesome... shes going to open interviews today with shibby
to work there! WOOHOO! we all gunna be walmart hoes, now
all 4 of us working there... thats gunna be VERY HELLISH to
the management and scary to the customers. *evil laugh*
well it is a fun place to be scary in, the people actually
dont care... they think its more cute and fun :) we make it
the kewl place it is today i guess. haha. well i am a happy
gurl today! i just saw shibby and ashley before 7th period
and yay hoosha wrote this cute note on my disk so i wrote
one back and it was fun. were like middle skool again with
these notes except on disk labels. haha were dorks its
great! well i dont really know why im so happy but i just
read this diary with all these lyrics from no doubt in them
and their songs are so sweet they truly do rock my socks
(haha twin) yes i agree with you ashley they do know what
they talking bout. and i love my people, you all came to
visit me yesterday when i not workish and it was fun! we
ate food or something, i dont even remember, but i was a
happy girl :) i gotsa go but i love you all *HUGE ASS

****Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeee

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