No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-05-28 16:53:32 (UTC)

What You lacked

What You Lacked

I hate your stupidity,
I hate your lies,
I hate your voice,
All these things I despise.

You truely are a creep,
A class A snot,
And the words you've spoken,
I never forgot.

You are self-centered,
And care only about you,
And what you can be done to make yourself feel better,
To forget the horrible things you do.

You cause destruction and mahem,
You twist what others say so you look good,
And if I could destroy your vocal box,
You know I definitly would.

Money is your world,
Your life and your pride,
All you ever cared about,
And behind money you hide.

When your stripped of your mask,
And your "nice person" act,
The world will see,
Honesty is what you lacked.

~Ashley Bott

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