Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-05-28 16:02:14 (UTC)

Shit i'z tellin' u

ok well herez whuz been goin' on. on sunday i had my
graduation party wit da family. jenn and steph came 2. it
whuz boring to fuck. gary my cuz brought adam. i wanted him
to being his fine ass friend damien. yummy. anywayz he went
and got brent and brought him up to da park too. my momma
had it at a park. derz nuttin' to da at a park. anywayz da
guyz got all bored. and den dey ditched us for sum ugly
lil' hoe. well she can't be called a hoe cuz she'z never
even kissed a guy but. i guess i can call her an ugly
bitch. anywayz she'z also a moose. gross i kno. and dey
ditched us for her. sum fucked dup shit i kno. anywayz
yesterday whuz monday. memorial day. which whuz good and
bad. a lot of placez were closed so der whuz nuttin' really
to do. but da good part is dat now al da poolz are open. i
can't wait to get my swim on. dat'll be kool. gettin' tan
and hangin' by da pool wit ur friendz is wut summerz
all 'bout. anywayz i walked up to BK wit erin cuz she whuz
suppose to meet her boy up der. but when we got der he just
up and left. i dunno we were like wut da fuck. but i think
dey got dat all worked out now. so itz all good. den lata
on yesterday me and erin went up to gordmanz.i got dis cute
green shirt dat spaghetti strapz across da back. and den
i "bought" (haha) 2 necklacez and 2 setz of earringz.
anywayz a couple nitez ago hector told me he had a
gurlfriend. i whuz mad for ahwile but den i whuz like
wuteva fuck it i dont really care. but damn he whuz mexican
and he whuz fzzine. he sayz he still likez me and dat if i
wanted him to dump his gurl he would. but i dont wanna get
in da way of dem 2 if dey gotz a good thing going. ya kno.
so anywayz we're just bein' friendz now i guess. anywayz i
called him today cuz he told me 2 but he whuz like call me
back. and wuteva i guess he'z just too busy for me. oh
well. if thingz dont work wit him derz alwayz andrew.
andrewz sweet and cute. but hectorz a mexican. and u kno i
got it bad for mexicanz. yummy. anywayz if not hector and
andrew i could alwayz find sum1 else. cuz u kno i'm good
like dat. but anywayz. itz summer. guyz r everywhere. i'll
have no problem. i'm so shur of myself. conceided lil'
laura. anywayz i'z done for now.

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