Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-28 15:52:46 (UTC)

Ah, behold the powers of guilt

I am sorry I got on your case so bad.
I love you and miss you....
Its just that I know that unless I act like your
mom and have law suits against her...
or unless you girls decide you are going
to push to see me...well
its one or the other or I will never see you.....
I love and want to see you guys and have
a relationship with you...
but God says to have law suits with one another
is defeat..he says to just take the injustice upon
yourself.... so... that means I can't do that.
love ya lots
and miss you so very much

Again, I am confused. But theres this one little thought
in the back of my mind... why do all the 'good' christians
always have to suffer? I mean, does God really doubt us
that much that we have to PROVE to him that we love him?
Cant he just take our word? Why do we have to suffer for
it?? I guess its good for me, cuz I have this strange
thing with suffering...

I guess I forgot that I put a link to this in my profile...
and sakleem left me a message... and for some reason, that
made me feel special. But also, kinda scared. Did he read
like, my whole journal? I know I can trust him, but thats
the bain of me, I dont trust anyone. Well, it saves me the
trouble of having to explain it all to him. Lol.

Theres a pooch under my feet...

Its so strange to have people care about you. Kind of

Anyways, Im gunna go. I miss matt.

Marie, Huggles, I loves you, and Matt, you KNOW i love you