sheesh ya fuck
2002-05-28 06:16:48 (UTC)


i pooped on a pineapple today
si senor i do agree chris is overwhelming me with his
i need to scrape this resin from my soo fucking happy happy happy ........hahahaha. butts can be this likeable...chris your smelling
your toe jam like a lunatic..i like lunatics they are
fun.. fun fun fun fun he thinks hes fun...he doesnt
care...he spins like the ninja turtles on his shell and
jumps about with me as we spread the jelly into our babies
bottle feeding him shit he will die of
starvation..hahaha..and a head the size of a
watermelon..his colon the size of a bolder i gjuess thats
what happens when he tastes juicy great to eat with
barbeque sauce...i know what your thinking ...its stupid
so stop...cristene has fantasies about orange popscicle
cocks broken off and ramming like rhinos...its what shes
intop i guess well well well thats niccccce soo
going to kill max tonight while chris is will
be fun...oh and another thing i find amusing is chriss
father...hes a crack head...hahahaha..and hes soo
patheetic and he was talking to his mom and he was like oh
im wantta die i fucking hate myself haaha and she was like
ohhh well you used to be cool....used to be
something...but not anymore...hahha..soo he doesnt have a
reason to quit his selfish fun
fun...and he is fun...sooo he doesnt have anything..ohhh
well get what we deserve...i ll get mine...ill rip it up
like a virgin vagina..goodbyye from hell..