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2002-05-28 04:55:43 (UTC)

May 27

There was finally some nice weather today which made me
happy. It got up to 28C today so I was out in the backyard
sun tanning in my bathing suit. It was nice, especially
considering the fact that it snowed on Thursday. What the
HELL is wrong with our ecosystem?? I mean anyone who
doesn't buy this whole climate change / global warming
thing just ought to move here. In april it was really hot
and then we ended up with like a foot of snow again. We had
flurries on Thursday and today i was in the back in a
bikini. As if!
Since it was nice me and some friends went out to the park.
It was kinda cool and we looked at the nice cars... I can't
imagine putting that much $$$ into a car though. I mean,
most of these guys aren't even 20 yet and they're gonna be
paying off bank loans long after they're driving these
things. It's kinda crazy. But nice cars are still
impressive. :P
I still haven't heard if I got that job or not. I'm kind of
not too optimistic, it's just depressing looking for a job,
especially right after your boyfriend dumps you cuz it
feels like everyone in the world doesn't think you're good
enough. Ugh. I really want that job, it sounds like a great
deal and it pays awesome, like $13 and hour i think. So
we'll see I guess.