Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-12 19:11:20 (UTC)

Active Day

I have SO much energy today! So far, I've taken my bike
ride, worked out on our exercise machine, done some sit-ups
and pelvic lifts, and ridden the stationery bike for half
an hour. The thing is that I'm not even close to being
tired. In fact, I'm ready to go do something else! Just
sitting here is making me restless. I love this feeling.
I've never understood why people hate exercise so much. I
love it! It's awesome once you get going. It's just that
you have to motivate yourself to get up off your rear and
do some.

If it weren't so hot outside, I'd go for my bike ride
again and get a double set in, but it's just too hot. I'll
wait until evening when it cools down a little. I might
put in my Richard Simmons tape and do that. (Hey- Not
everyone is coordinated enough for anything else!) I guess
I'll go get on the exercise bike again for a few minutes,
even though I've already done two 5-mile sets today. I
figure I might as well while I have so much energy though!