as the Oval turns
2002-05-28 04:43:57 (UTC)


song of the whenever: John Mayer - "3x5"

Thursday night, Pacey and I went out to my dorm's formal.
It was such an awesome night that the next day I had to ask
myself if it really happened. We ate dinner, danced, and
afterwards, we went to the bar and had a beer, and then
went home. I think that the coolest thing was being able
to hang out with him, being able to talk w/him, to share
stuff about myself and for him to share stuff w/me.

I was thinking about my relationship w/Pacey when I met him
freshman year and my relationship w/him now, and it's like
night and day. Freshman year I asked God why I even had
the "misfortune" of meeting him. Now he's one of my good
friends and I'm going to miss him when he graduates in
2 1/2 weeks.

The thing is...he's the kind of guy I can see myself being
with, he's my type and whoever I end up hooking up with and
marrying I would love to be like him. But at the same
time, it'll take God Himself for that to happen. It's like
chasing after a drifting balloon in your favorite color
that's just out of your reach. I wonder sometimes if God
is teasing me. I mean, I know He's not...that's not His
character, but still, I wonder...