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2002-05-28 04:24:33 (UTC)


I don't know. Its 10:50 at night and I just feel like I
need to write. I keep reading her e-mail over and over and
over again. I can't get enough of it. If I had a printer I
would print it out. I may just write it down and keep it
somewhere. I just hang on every word she says,
especially," I would like to give it a shot." That one
gets me the most. A shot is all I need. Just a glimmer of
a chance to love her the way I feel I can love her. I
promise I won't hold anything back. I promise to never
make her mad. I promise to be there for her in anyway that
she may need me. Please don't think that I'm coming off as
anything but sincere. I'm not one of those guys who
promises things but doesn't live up to those promises.
When I say I will give all my heart and soul, then I will
give all my heart and soul, no strings attached. If you
want me all the way, then thats what you will get. If I
ever don't live up to it, then tell me and I'll try
harder. I'll keep trying til I get it right. Truthfully
though, I don't think it'll take that much. I know how I
feel and I know that I can do it. I've never had a big ego
in my life. I'm usually the kind of guy who likes to help
people out. I put myself before others coz there happiness
makes me happy, usually. Not to say that I don't do things
for myself. If I had the chance to love you then I would
love you for your affection and my own. Your affection coz
thats what I feel I need in my life. My own coz loving you
would make me feel more complete. I want your love and
affection coz it makes me feel more alive, more loved, more
of a person than I already am. Even if I'm a good person
now, there is still room for improvement. No one should
rest on their morals. If one gets a chance to be even
better than they are, then they should follow their heart.
My heart leads me to you coz we have shared a little bit of
love, but I still want more. I still want the fairy tale
remember......and they lived happily ever after. Is that
too much to say right now? I hope not. Even though our
shared experiences are few, we have shared enough for me to
come up with these words. That must be saying something
isn't it? I wouldn't just say these things if I didn't
believe them. Trust me, I'm not that kinda person. You
bring out words in me I didn't think I had. Or I had them,
but never had a reason to use them. In which ever case,
make no doubt, they are for you and you alone. I'm not a
fake. My love is true. If you don't love me back or don't
feel like you can right now, I will still love you. It may
have taken 4 years at work for me to really notice you, but
now I will never forget you. You have came into my life
and you have claimed a piece of my heart. My heart is big
and it can be shared, but I'm hoping you take a bigger
piece. I want to give it to you. Will you take it? I
guess we'll find out sooner or later. Well, I've been
typing for 30 minutes now. I feel like I could type all
night, but I guess I'll stop now. Anymore I would think up
I can just save for another day. Take care and I'll be
thinking about you. Love you, BYE!!!

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