Wo ist Amanda?
2002-05-28 03:57:07 (UTC)

Having fun...

Hey there! I read a journal today and it was real
depressing. Yet, I feel what she's saying. Well, I have
been trying to have fun without thinking about Erick. I
went to a friends house, walked around all day, and still
ended up at his house. Sad, huh? Well, I talked to his
mom, which isn't unusual, and she's so great. She wants me
and Erick to be together almost as much as I do! She
absolutely loves me, and treats me like her own daughter.
Well, my aunt and grandma are coming to visit from across
the country. I'm not looking forward to it! The thing is
that my sister is graduating from high school. I'm happy
for her, but I don't like the family reunion thingys! My
aunt and I don't get along because of a lot of reasons!
Besides, I have finals this week, and I have to miss a
whole day of school for the graduation and a barbaque. It
can't be that bad, I guess. My friends, my family, and
EVEN Erick's mom (Mrs. Tun) tell me that I need a
boyfriend! She said she would like to meet my
boyfriends...I can't believe her. Well, in a way, I want a
boyfriend too, but I'm so in love with Erick still, that
every other guy seems don't know. Well, I
still want you people to read and comment. Sorry if this
is so boring! I have to take drivers ed this summer. Hope
it's not too bad. I want to have a lot of fun this
summer!!! I may go to Florida to see my friend. But I'm
still trying to save money to move out in less than two
years. It will most likely cost a lot of money, I want a 3
bedroom apartment with a couple of my friends. Anyways, I
got an account at I am
putting my poems on there. If you'd like to check it out,
go ahead and rate them. I just got it today, so I don't
have all my poems in there yet. I plan to get them in
there by next week. Ok, I better go now, I'm hella tired!