Nick's Journal
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2002-05-28 03:36:51 (UTC)


really quickly.
i don't think marijuana is a drug.
all of you others shut up.
you ruin yourselves.
you kill others.
you dealers.
i hate you.
you feed the venom to others and skim off the top.
you sell your heroin, crack, cocaine, mescaline,
benzedrine, everyyyyyyyyyything, in hopes of profit.
others buy it in hopes of relinquishment.
i hope you fuckers die that sell.
feel the agony of life (not death) under drugs. when you
can no longer afford them.
feel the rip. the tear. the soul appartition of that
which you succumb to after a lack of finances.
you spout ideologies that hope to relive individuals of
society, yet you are the biggest parasites thereof as you
hope to benefit as you suck other individuals
dry.......while still.......profiting.
for the love of god, the only reason i would want drugs to
be legalized is so that i could see you parasites die in
the agonizing pain of a scorpion stuck on a
stick......baking in the sun.