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2002-05-28 03:26:32 (UTC)

The Boyz

The Boys have been over here a lot lately...gosh!...I
havent had time to get on here and ryte in here...thats
pretty bad...they went home today...i gave them rydes...4
strate days...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...theres wet smelly boy
smell all over in my house...oh well...ne ways this is the
more important subject...my dad died 2 years ago...im
handling it quite well its jus u no...heres a poem i

Daddy Look
By: Samantha U’a Lo’he Ke Aku’a Nichole Williams

Oh Daddy, please if you hear me,
I need you here right now,
My life is crumbling every step I take,
And you gone makes life even harder,
Wishing I was dead,
All the pain and sorrow swept,
Through the veins of me,
Breaking me down,
Making me see u when I look
In the mirror,
Someone I wish I never was.

Daddy, look what you made me,
Look at all this hurt,
Look at how you treat my mom,
It’s all cause of you,
You made me this way,
Never treating me rite,
Teaching me wrong,
And why is it that I must stay strong,
Because you didn’t have the will to fight,
You killed yourself that 1 gruesome night,
You made me face reality,
The cruel world out to get me.

You ruined my life,
You said you would always be there,
You said that I was something,
But if I was,
Why did you leave me?
Why did you take your life?
Because you where afraid I would find out?
Tell someone?
Maybe even be someone in life?
Someone that you never could have been,
Because you took that path so grim,
Now you will pay for what you have done,
Even though my child hood was shot,
In my heart,
You’ll still be number one.

Its Really Not as bad as i made it sound but yeah...i was
heart broken...well catch ya later!