Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-05-28 03:19:44 (UTC)


Music playing: "Drowning Pool - Bodies"

My mother came into the house today. Apparently the smell
of dinner (fish and pepper sauce in batter) was so strong
it could be smelt outside. I was in my room when she came
in but when I heard her voice I rushed out (in a calm and
cool way of course, can't let people see my feelings) under
the pretense of getting more lemon juice, even if my glass
was half full. Wow, I said half full, how optimistic, how
unlike me. I never did find out why she came in, probably
was the food, it did smell good.

She stayed for a while. Stuart was there too. He caused
trouble, and got father annoyed again. He especially got
annoyed when Stuart started acting like Chrsitopher. I'm
guessing he considers Christopher a loss and doesn't want
Stuart to end up the same way he is. Which reminds me,
Chrsitopher is being held in remand I think for a shitake
load of offenses. He doesn't want me to go see him since my
hair's purple. What an ass. Father told Mother about the
recent stuff with the council and the rent rebate because
of father not claiming benefits for him since he works part-
time and I don't have any income coming in. Mother seemed
ignorant of things and as usual father was supicious. Its
entirely possible that mother DOESN'T know anything father,
it wouldn't be the first time.

My mouth get me into a little spot of bother. When we were al lin
kicthen, my mother wanted a tangerine from the fridge, I noticed a
plate with a whole bunch of small pastry like things. Of course, I
blurt out something like "what are those things on the plate?"
a dozen times and of course this attracts everyone's attention.
Stuart says they're eclairs, my father gives me the look of "shut
stop talking" and my mother glares at them. Father says they're
profiterals (sp?) but they're not ready. Just a random note. Father
and mysefl eat theam later.

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