Nick's Journal
2002-05-28 03:05:07 (UTC)

wild world

many things bother me whether or not you realize it. one
of the many are introductions. i hate them. everyone
introduces their friends as "he/she's so smart, she got a
1600 on his sats, he got a 4.0" . that's great.
everyone's fucking smart. my question is this.....if
everyone's so fucking smart, why's the world so fucked
up. "oh he dropped out of college cos it wasn't for him"
fuck HIM then! "she got blackballed" fuck her then. i
don't care if your friends are smart or stupid, i'm just
sick of hearing how smart they are. i know that everyone
you know is smart. if you read one of my earlier journal
entries (which one?) you'll see i think the same about my
friends........the only difference? my friends are
actually smart/brilliant. sorry guys but those are the
breaks. i have smart friends and you don't. so shut the
fuck up about your friends. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
what else do i care about? here's something else. look at it. what the fuck? i'll
revolutionize the capitalistic system for the soul purpose
of fucking this creator in the ass. jesus fucking
christ. who would buy this shit.....oh yeah... this
"i didnt order a regular a regular hot dog i wanted a
polish sausage" (he had ordered a hot dog, what he meant
to say was "i had meant to order a polish sausage but i
ordered a hot dog", yet he doesn't concede making the
vendor throw away a whole good). fucking idiots and your
if the blue stuff doesn't work you'll still claim it does
jus tto not hurt your pride. i know about you. i read
about you in a book. and books never lie.